We are now open

Welcome to rt34drivein.com
We are now closed for the season


Thank you for another great season :) !

Listen to the movies on  87.9 FM on your car radio We open at 6:30 and movies start at 7:30

Adults  $10.00 Seniors $8.00 Children $7.00






Please Note :
There is no outdoor cooking
 of any kind

Anyone in  possession of alcohol or glass bottles
on theatre property will be ejected immediately
   without a refund.  Under age drinkers will  be reported


With the Corona virus there are rules that must be followed to ensure your health and safety that outdoor theaters have rules to follow
      1- mask must be worn at all times
      2- 1 car per pole
      3- keep social distances all times
      4- maximum 175 cars

WE DO NOT : accept credit or Debit cars of any kind
Prices are :  Adults $10.00   Seniors  $8.00 Children $7.00

Due to reasons beyond our control there are items from the menu we will not have for now.
  The menu prices below are not updated as of yet for the season as soon as I get them they will be posted




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We open at     7:30
Show starts at    



Try our made to order food,
at great prices  !
We use only real Butter
on our  popcorn !

Our new menu will
 be coming soon:
we are limited at this
 time on what
can serve because of
waiting and cooking time

Thank you

With games to play as well
as try your skill at the
 pool table we have something for  every one to play





Playing First 





 followed by




Playing First





 followed by




"NEW TIME" Open at 6:30 Movie starts at 7:30
Playing First




 followed by